Firmware Update voor FTM-300D

Op 15 juli j.l. heeft Yaesu de eerste firmware update voor de FTM-300D beschikbaar gesteld op haar website

• Fixed a problem that scanning freezes when executed from M-GRP, and scan settings are not set for all memory channels registered in M-GRP. 

• Fixed the bug of No TX output with the MAIN Band is set to the 430 MHz band and the SUB Band set to the VHF band (144 MHz band or AIR band, etc.) if the SUB Band frequency is changed (turning the dial) during transmission in the MAIN Band. 

• Improved the quality of downlink audio output in the WIRES-X Portable-HRI mode Direct operation, and the PDN (Portable Digital Node) 

• Corrected the problem in WIRES-X Portable-HRI mode Direct operation. This station uplink audio was not transmitted to the Internet immediately after receiving a VW mode signal via the Internet. 

• Fixed the bug that “[No Data]” pops up when playing WIRES-X Voice News 

• Corrected the APRS STATION LIST detail screen. When the “F(SETUP)” key was pressed to display the function line menu in the [TOP] / [TEXT] line move selection, if the dial was turned to move the cursor while [TEXT] is displayed, the cursor could not be returned to [TEXT] entry. 

• Other functions have been improved and optimized. 

De eerste FTM-300D’s in NL

Vandaag waren de eerste twee ‘Nederlandse’ FTM-300D radio’s te horen op NL-CENTRAL.
Allereerst meldde Jan PD1JHH zich met zijn nieuwe radio, kort daarna gevolgd door Alex PD0LEX.

FTM-300D toegevoegd aan ACTIVE QSO’S

Met de komst van de FTM-300D in Nederland was het noodzakelijk NL-CENTRAL te voorzien van een update die ook dit nieuwe type radio weergeeft in het ACTIVE QSO’S venster.