We have two versions of pi-star EA7EE

  • Initial version, this version is the initial one after downloading it we have to give the update several times to update the image = Pi-Star:4.1.2 DOWNLOAD: EA7EE 2.0
  • New version, this version has all the updates until 12.30.2020 = Pi-Star 4.1.3:
Pi-Star_RPi_V4.1.3_30-12-2020-EA7EE-C4FM.zip30-Dec-2020 09:20965M 


  • Version 20201229-ea7ee:
  • Update to YSFG-EA 4.1.2 to 4.1.3
  1. Disable SAMBA
  2. Disable unattended-upgrades
  3. Disable agetty on tty1
  4. Randomise Daly Cron on boot
  5. Update HTTP and SSH avahi services
  • YSFG-EA Update 29122020
  1. Fix ssh fullscreen
  2. Fix pistar-upgrades

Article in English:

-> Easy pairing with DMR and other modes (00001 local parrot, 00002 YSF, 00003 FCS, 00004 DMR, 00005 NXDN, 00006 P25)

-> Easy reflector change in all modes, just type the reflector number and voila -> List of independent reflectors by mode (pressing the ALL key on the transceiver)

-> * Allows to record AMBE files to use as beacon *

-> Allows the generation of voice beacons with programmable periodicity. The beacon will remain silent when there is activity.

-> Allows you to return to the original reflector after a programmable time in any mode. (option) -> Allows you to stay in the original reflector forever. (Choice)

-> In DMR, add two seconds of silence if the transmission takes less than two seconds to avoid bans on the Brandmeister network.

-> Add extended configuration on pi-star board.

-> Added the number of active users in each TG for the Brandmeister network.